Wednesday, November 22, 2017

nak jadi hartawan. hahaha

So here I am. Still wondering

Macam mana nak boost income more than what i have now without losing my concentration on my job?

I've been asking myself this questions for the past 18 months. Dari zaman intern di Mondelez sampai la sekarang: a year in ARBA. I've done quite a few things that i do find meaningful to boost my skills and income during this period. I will share that later

Yet i have not find the real solution for my questions.

But i believe in this mantra, "teruskan mencari sampai jumpa"


So think i've found out the best way to generate more income

Share trading?

Why share trading?

At first aku tak terfikir sangat pun pasal return bila 'main' share ni, but I do believe in one thing

"Kalau aku terus istiqomah dan have the right ilmu, inshaallah aku boleh buat duit dengan saham".

So I've made my first move, yes. Like one of my mentor says, "take massive actions"

On that eventful day in August, gua g kelas iSaham di Bandar Pingiran Putra. With zero knowledge regarding saham, and at last aku belajar something new about share trading. I akan share in the future what i've gain.

Yes, although i'm a finance student, but i've never try to get serious about practical stuff up until my graduation. hahaha. sayang giler.


So back to my blog, haha dah berserabut, i did purchase a new domain name with an intention of transferring all my blogspot content in a wordpress style - yet, something happened to the free hosting. hahaaha.

So i'll can't resist of waiting longer.

Singing off

22 11 2017

Ps: too many things to share yet no starting point.

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