Thursday, November 23, 2017


So like i've said in my previous post, i've found one of the way to generate more income

share trading

so why did i did choose share trading?

1. Honestly dari sekolah menengah i've been engulfed seeing this stock counter but i was not able to comprehend the details. Most active, top gainers, market cap and other sorts of terminology. Hence, after i graduated i feel like that it's such a waste that i am not able to apply all my knowledge. see point 2
- I just want to feel the excitement of being a stock trader like the wolf of wall street. Hahaha

2. I studied Accounting and Finance as my major. Having said that, having zero knowledge about share really make me feel down aka stupid. hahaha. I've learn investment, corporate finance. Fundamentally equipped, i guess it is the good stepping point.

3. Like any other investment vehicle, no guaranteed return. Why did i not chose to invest in FCPO? Simple answer. I'm not yet ready although my housemates are in FCPO market. Let me enjoy share trading first.

4. Ultimately, aku cara suatu investment yg tak perlukan aku terlalu concentrate dengan nak monitor price. cukup la sekadar glance at chart for 20 secs in an hour. My focus would always be ARBA. I will talk about ARBA later in future post. :)

5. Looking for something that i dont have a reliance on someone else. The only thing standing between me and financial success is just my knowledge and discipline. Not the client, not the system, it is just ME. The harder you work, the greater the expected return would be. As simple as that.

6. Financial freedom in fashionable way. I am not an extrovert person. Hence generating income without having to engage constantly with people ecites me. LoL


So i guess this post is an introductory post about why i chose share trading.
Of course i will find another investment option later in the future, but i do believe focus and consistency is the key to success.

I dont want to be jack of all trade, master of none.

In all, consistency and knowledge will empower you.

Hopefully, i can share my journey for the past three months in the stock amrket: highlighting my mistakes and insights for my future reference. ;)


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